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What is KAYR?

KAYR is a platform for student unions to help folks get involved in school life. From finding events & joining societies to getting peer help & more, we are an online student hub, with a centralized suite of tools for student unions to create and manage an active, vibrant & supportive student body.

And here’s a bonus: Students are incentivized to get involved through our unique Karma points system. This gives students the opportunity to win prizes, gift cards, discounts & more from their student union!



Here are some of the features that you can take advantage of using KAYR:

  • Event Management Tools
  • Challenges
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Peer Help
  • Mailing Lists
  • Groups
  • And more!

Manage Clubs & Events

Using the KAYR platform, student unions are able to easily manage the various clubs and events happening on campus!

Host Challenges

Challenges are something that can spice up regular campus activity. Creative challenges, humanitarian challenges, the only limit is your creativity.

Create a Peer Help Network

Be a part of our first-of-its-kind mutual aid network for students to find & give help, whether that's tutoring, deliveries, babysitting, moving help or more!

+ More!

Analytics, mailing lists, reward systems... There's a lot more you'll be able to do with KAYR, with new features always being added.

“Not many people understand student unions but the KAYR team does and we

are very grateful”

– Jesse Sutherland, President of the MSVUSU

Why Kayr?

A Centralized Hub

Increased Student Engagement

Advanced Analytics